How can this site enhance my business experience?

On this website, you can search a directory of attendees and pre-book meetings with them online.

You can:

  • Add or update your company's listing.
  • Pre-request a meeting with any of the listed companies.
  • Receive meeting requests from other companies

Do I need to register or login?

If you are registered for the conference, you will need to login on this site to edit your details (including your company profile), browse company entries and pre-request meetings. If you are not registered for the conference, please visit the conference website or contact our team , phone .

I've logged in. What do I do now?

  • Check and update your company's listing - 'Your Account'
  • Search for potential meeting partners - 'Attending companies'
  • Request meetings with your chosen targets

Note: you can search for a company or delegate name by typing in the first few letters in the Search box.

How do I book a meeting?

  • Click 'Book a meeting' next to the name of the attendee you wish to meet
  • Click an available meeting time (green block) on their partnering grid
  • Check the meeting details and click Request

An email is sent instantly to your meeting partner, requesting their confirmation. You will receive a copy of the email, and you can cancel the meeting at any time - if you click Cancel, you will be given the option to type a short message to the other person.

I have received a meeting request in an email. What do I do next?

  • Log in to the partnering website homepage and click on any meetings awaiting your response
  • Add a message (optional) and invite any colleagues you wish to join the meeting
  • Click Confirm or Cancel

An email is sent instantly to you and your meeting partner(s), informing them of your decision. Confirmed meetings will be automatically assigned a meeting place and added to your schedule.

How many meetings can I book?

There are no limits on the number of meetings you can book.

How many meeting requests can I accept?

You may accept all meeting requests

I'm unavailable for meetings at certain times. How can I stop other delegates requesting meetings at these times?

  • Log in to the partnering website and go to 'Schedule'
  • In the Actions column, click 'Change' at the times you wish to be unavailable

How can I reschedule a meeting?

  • Click 'Attending companies' in the menubar and find the person you are meeting
  • Click 'Book meeting': check their availability, then click the meeting time you wish to change
  • Click Cancel. You can add a message to say that you want to reschedule
  • Click 'Book meeting' again to request a meeting at the new time

How do I register for the conference?

Please visit the conference website or contact our team , phone .

I've lost my password. What should I do?

Click 'Forgotten your password' on the partnering homepage and follow the online instructions. The system will generate a new password and send it to you - once you have logged in you may change this password to one of your choice in 'Your Account'.

The website says it does not recognise my email address. Who should I contact?

Please contact our team , phone .

When should I book meetings?

As soon as possible! The online system gets busy in the days before the conference and by delaying your meeting bookings you may miss opportunities to meet with your priority targets.

There's a company I really want to meet, but its attendee has no more meeting times available. Is there any other meeting option at the conference?

There will be informal networking and a concierge desk at the event. Please contact our team , phone who can help you arrange a meeting.